Do I Have to Go to Rehab Yet? 7 Critical Signs You Need Addiction Treatment

signs you need to go to rehab

Is my addiction bad enough? You keep wondering.

While almost 21 million Americans need addiction treatment, only 10 percent seek it. So if you’re still not going to rehab, you’re part of the 90 percent — and it’s dangerous1.

And maybe you think you don’t need it. Or you’re ashamed to reveal to the world that you have a drug use problem. Another reason could be you’re doubting whether you’ll afford the treatment or if it would be worth it anyway.

You know your reasons. But it doesn’t change the fact that you need treatment.

So stay with me as I outline the most significant signs showing you need to seek addiction treatment. Let’s begin!

1. You Suffer Withdrawal Symptoms When You Stop Using

If you experience withdrawal symptoms every time you stop using drugs, your body has now become dependent on the drugs.

And drug dependence is fatal because it makes it almost impossible to quit. Your body becomes accustomed to the substance such that if you attempt to stop you might suffer:

  • Physically: nausea, sweating, tremor, headaches, dizziness, racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing
  • Psychological: anxiety, depression, poor memory, insomnia

If it gets worse, you can even get dangerous withdrawal symptoms like, heart attacks, strokes, hallucinations, and seizures among others.

These symptoms may scare you from leaving substance abuse or lay havoc on your life, ending it in some circumstances. You don’t want any of that.

But a professional can help.

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2. You Have to Keep Increasing Your Usage to Feel the Same High

In the addiction cycle, there’s a stage addiction specialists call tolerance — and comes just after you start abusing the drugs. 

If you’re at this stage, your body gets used to the previous dosages so you have to keep increasing the amount of the substance you’re using to keep feeling the euphoria you could get with less some time back.

Therefore, if you used to take two cigarettes every day, this week you make them three per day and after a few days, you stop feeling the high of the previous week and have to add two more per day.

This stage wears off your ability to say no and further takes you down the hopelessness hole.

So if you notice that this has been happening to you, take action and seek help. If not, you might become entirely dependent and start experiencing the following sign —

3. You Can’t Function Without Using

Chances are, you’ve been feeling in control of your use — using occasionally when you felt like it. But now you seem unable to do anything without getting high.

Let’s say you started drinking to forget your marriage problems. But now you can’t talk to your partner without taking a few beers.

This is just a subtle example. But for some, you can’t even work without taking something. This is a sign that your drug problem isn’t just something to ignore, it has become serious.

At this point, no matter what you’re telling yourself to downplay the issue, know that this is a warning sign that you need professional help.

4. You’re Neglecting Your Priorities

You used to care about your health. And treasured time with your family. Your work was also a vital pillar in your life — after all, it facilitates your health and that of your family.

But after you started using, you ditched the active lifestyle, keep missing crucial family moments, and are even ignoring your work.

You know what has always been important to you.

And if your drug use has caused you to slack in those essential parts of your life, it has become fatal. And addiction treatment could be the only way out of such a trap.

5. Your Life Is Now About Getting, Using, and Finding More Drugs

You obviously had a life full of hobbies and interests to pursue. Maybe you played a game after work or did some workouts indoors. Or perhaps you used to go to dinner and movies every evening with your buddies. But that part of your life started seeming distant when you started using drugs.

And now all you look foward to is the time you’ll get hold of that substance. So you spend most of your time thinking how you’ll get it. And after the high you experience when you use it, you start contemplating ways to get more.

That might be what your life is about now. You might be sure that you’re having fun. That you’re “going with the flow”. But in truth?

Your life is slipping away. And its main theme is getting lost in addiction.

7. You’ve Tried Quitting on Your Own but Relapsed

You might have noticed some of the above signs and felt a desire to change your life for the better. So you quit and applied some self-improvement hacks, maybe even detoxed on your own.

But no matter how best you tried, it didn’t work. You ended up relapsing.

If you tried stopping drug abuse on your own and it didn’t work, this is a major hint that you should seek professional help.

Closing Thoughts? Take Action Now!

No matter what sign you’re showing, it’s never too late to get help. While your attempts to end addiction might fail, seeking tailored addiction treatment can get you out of your misery.

And if you have a loved one who’s showing these signs, it’s also important to encourage them to get treatment as soon as possible. You can share with them this article for starters!

Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself to confirm if you should go to rehab yet:

  1. Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms when you stop using?
  2. Do you have to keep increasing your usage to feel the same high?
  3. Can you function without using?
  4. Are you neglecting your priorities?
  5. Does your life revolve around getting, using, and finding more drugs?
  6. Have you tried quitting on your own but relapsed?


1.Addiction Center: Statistics on Addiction in America

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